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You are about to enter the ScheduleEZ Aircraft Scheduling Utilities in the demonstration mode. You will be able to enter the system as either a customer, a flight instructor, or as the aircraft provider manager. This demo uses exactly the same screens and tools that are used for a participating aircraft provider.

You will be entering associated with Pilot Loft Aviation. Note how the screens become customized for the aircraft provider you are associated with. To start, enter the name desired from the list below and use the corresponding PIN number:

Pilot Customer:  AVIATOR  Pin: 1234
FBO Instructor: HYLAND   Pin: 1238
FBO Manager:  IMBOSS     Pin: 1236

All FBO's, Flying Clubs, or Aircraft Providers are invited to try the ScheduleEZ software in your actual business for 30 days free. After that time, you can continue to use the software for a nominal monthly fee based on the number of aircraft that you use.

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